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I've been thinking about trying to do some more drawing, mainly messing around with charcoal. I've seen a lot of really cool stuff done with charcoal and would like to make art similar to what I've seen.

I'm hoping it might be something easier for me than the drawing I've tried to do in the past. Basically I'm thinking doing something more abstract/surreal.

Any suggestions/tips?
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Hey guys it's me.
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Here I have some fractals that I think are awesome and deserve more views and comments.

Breath of the Void by tetriarch
Vortex by tetriarch
Crown of the Two by tetriarch

Visions N2 by DeusHades
Emanacao N2 by DeusHades
New Galaxy N3 by DeusHades

That's all for now.
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In the past when I've been active I've tried to stick to uploading one fractal at week in attempt to keep the quality up. I've decided to try to uploading two a week.

Hopefully it goes good. And hopefully I get better.
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Llama for llama round 2! Or maybe it's round 15 already. Llama fight? important part of life 
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Llamas, llamas, llamas! Let's do it!
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I'm in a llama trading mood! I will return all llamas given!
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Just waiting until something significant about my reality changes.
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Soon I may have a fully functioning, updated computer. New deviations may be coming.
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After 3+ months of no updates, I am back. I won't have any art to post for awhile though. I ran into some problems and am still getting things sorted out.

I also need to upgrade my computer to be able to work with fractals. I'm really tired of how slow making fractals is with my computer.

I currently have on incomplete drawing which I will resume work on when I am feeling up to it. Hopefully I will get it done soon.

I will try to get things back in order as soon as I can and continue to practice drawing and other things. I still want to do more this year than I did last.
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In my journal entry, What's Coming In 2014, I mentioned that I had some "secret things" planned for this year. I have decided to share one of these secret things with you guys today. It is...

2014 Project 1 by Rawglor

A website! In fact, there might be more then one. I haven't decided whether I want everything to have the same url, or their own unique urls. Regardless, they will all be connected together.

As you can see, it's currently very plain and basic. I've been having a hard time figuring out what I want it to look like, which has stalled progress. I do have ideas though and will be trying things out. I don't think it should take much longer. I also have a few different possible hosts lined up and one that I am thinking about going with.

As you can see I will be putting other things on this site that I don't currently put on DeviantArt. And there are other things I have planned for it that I will be keep under wraps for now.
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I think I have mentioned how much better I had been doing at learning things and being productive, etc. I had thought that I had finally fixed myself and that I wasn't going to go back to the way I was before this.

Well I have. The period I had of increased energy, cognition, better sleep, etc, lasted about a month and vanished not long after my last journal entry (submitted February 2nd).

So I'm back. And for the past week or two my sleep has been very bad. I'm just run down. Drained. It's very frustrating.

Still. There will be more art this year. More drawings, more fractals, etc. And I will constantly trying to improve.

Also, I decided to submit a early digital artwork of mine to my scraps. To view it, click here:

That is all,
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Honestly it's not that I don't have enough time, it's that my brain doesn't function good enough to accomplish things as quickly as other people. But this won't stop me, and one day I hope to be able to accomplish more, in the same amount of time.

As the the tittle says, there are many, many things that I have to learn. Many things related to my art and hobbies, and many things not related to my hobbies. I'm just going to stick with my art and hobbies during this journal entry.

Back when I was a kid (ages 12-18), I used to create poor quality 3D models for a computer game called Midtown Madness 2. I stopped around the age of 18 or so and started spending my time doing other things, but I always thought about returning to 3D modeling and create higher quality things than I did for MM2 (MM2 is very limited due to when it was made and how it was programmed). Recently, out of nowhere, I decided to check and see if the main MM2 sites were still online. I was surprised to see that they were.

After browsing them for awhile, I decided, spurt of the moment, to start modeling another track for MM2. The more I worked on it, the more fun I had, and this surprised me. And the more I work on it, the more fun I have, and the more serious I become about it.

Due to a project I am working on that relates to my art and hobbies, I have been doing some simple programming. Programming is another thing I did while I was modeling for MM2. It was always simple things, mostly HTML and CSS. I actually first started learning basic programming with Visual Basic back when I was 11. I attempted to learn C++ but it was way too complicated for me. I was never good at anything of these things, but I really enjoyed them and had lots of fun.

I guess what I am trying to say with all of this, besides just sharing some things about myself, is that I recently discovered that, some of the things that I stopped doing, I still enjoy. Even though I gave up on some of them years ago (like programming), I still really want to be good at them. I still would LOVE to be very good at programming. And I think I forgot this. It's interesting how I sometimes forget something about myself and then rediscover it later on.

So I am starting out with programming simple, with HTML, CSS, Apophysis/Pascal, and Javascript.

I'm not sure if it is possible to gain the level of skill that I want with programming. I am much more capable now than I was when I was a kid, but that's not saying much. Looking back, I am...stunned at how horrendously bad my brain worked. But I will do what I can to improve my health and my cognition. And I will continue to work hard.

What I am doing now--teaching myself things that I want to learn, things that I need to know, and things that will allow me to get more out of like--is very important to me. And I want to be able to spend as much time as I possibly can every single day doing this, regardless of what kind of sacrifices I have to make to be able to do this.
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As I mentioned in my last journal entry, I had stopped doing art related for a long time, and recently started back up. I also recently discovered that I have a vitamin D deficiency. The reason I'm mentioning this is that, by taking care of this deficiency, I am so much more capable. I sleep better, my brain works better, I have more energy, I'm more motivated, etc.

So I am now really able to work on improving my skills and creating art.

This year I will be posting more art on here. There will be more fractal art, digital art, drawings, 3D art, and a few other secret things that I have planned.

So it will be worth keeping an eye on my DA throughout the year!